Eriksson speaks about Sweden's World Cup hopes

July 22, 2019


In the early 2000’s futsal was introduced to Sweden with Head Coach Daniel Blanco and Team Manager Joakim Eriksson being heavily involved with Swedish futsal since its introduction. They will bring experience and knowledge to the squad as they are veterans of the futsal game. The Swedish side will travel to Jiangmen with a strong and talented squad with some of the Swedish league's top names, many of whom play for the nation’s top Futsal side, Hammarby IF FF Futsal. 


Sweden have participated in an IFA World Cup before, with their Women's side impressing in 2017. The third place finish they achieved has certainly set a bench mark, as the men's team prepares for their debut.


When asked about how they thought their side would perform in China, Eriksson  
said, “It's hard to say since we do not know much about the other teams. However the team has self- confidence and are aiming to finish among the top three.” They went on to add that they “hope to surprise the international futsal community by playing a really attractive futsal. It will be interesting to see how futsal are played in different parts of the world. I am sure that we can learn a lot from the other teams.”


The Swedish players are looking forward to showing off their talents and ability, as well as having the opportunity to play against some of the best teams from around the globe. They hope to see the arenas filled with a large crowd that provides a loud and exciting atmosphere. The Swedish side also look forward to spending time in China and enjoying the best Chinese culture has to offer.


The Swedish players are used to the national media and will hopefully be able to relish the added pressure and media attention during the world cup. The Swedes will hope that the excitement of having media coverage will only sharpen them further.


The Swedish futsal squad hope to learn the different ways the game is played in different parts of the world. No matter what the outcome is in August the team will learn from every other top quality national futsal team.


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